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I got a request to make a tutorial on how to make an edit like thisIf you still aren’t able to make a photoset like that after following all the steps from this tutorial then don’t be afraid to send me an non-anonymous message and I will try to help.

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Anonymous asked:

/post/92822241924/life-is-funny-things-change-people-change-but can you make a tutorial of this please? :)

Yeah, sure. It’s really easy though^^ (I’ll make it later today)


i think it’s so cute how Zayn just sort of zones out for small moments during interviews and then cues back in and nods politely in agreement to something he probably was only paying 0.7% attention to

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Anonymous asked:

Yeah..I just asked you because you make really nice edits, so I thought you'd have a post w/the tattoos.

awh thank you so much anon, and yeah no I don’t make masterposts ^^

Anonymous asked:

Thank you for the link to the tattoo post!

you’re welcome, I honestly just google ‘zayn malik tattoo masterpost’ haha xx

Anonymous asked:

Do you have a post with pics of Zayn's tattoos? Mainly his new mandala tattoo. The small ones on his arms people may never notice like the 'chillin' one w the lil palm tree.

This is actually the first time I noticed that chillin’ tattoo with the little palm tree omg