Anonymous: where do you find the quotes you put on your zayns edit? i mean, how do you find them?

it’s in my faq sweetheart but I basically go to goodreads and then type in one of the keywords in browse by tag option. usually something like ‘handsome’ or ‘darkness’ ‘men’ etc etc

Anonymous: I love zayn and I love you and I love your blog you precious zayn devotee.

And i love you sweet anon

August 23        

Oh god guys I just reached 7000 followers???? I have had this blog for less than a year so this is pretty special moment for me! I know that i’m not online that much lately and i’m so sorry but thank you for putting up with me and always being so lovely and i truly love every single one of you

zasrry: i know this vid but, god how did you make a screencap look so hd

oooooh i thought that you asked which video i used

erhm i just screencapped them with kmplayer and then edited them like any other picture tbh

zasrry: can you tell me where are the photos from your last post from?

here you go :))