A typical Zayn blog; yeah I have a master in zaynology

Cause all of me
Loves all of you [insp]

Anonymous said:
You have the best content out of any Zayn blog I've seen /followed. All the posts seem carefully chosen and wow, incredible.

♥_______♥ i love you omg wow thank you ily

curlshar said:
Can i ask you what ur username means? I'm curious lmao

accio is a summoning charm from the Harry Potter series. So I’m basically summoning Zayn to me (read: my bed)! x

Anonymous said:
I followed you a few days ago because I love your blog name, it's perfect xD but you're fab, so is your blog, so just thank you :) x

you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much, you might a good day even better with this message!

Anonymous said:
can you make a tutorial of how to do this /post/83398763476/1d-colour-palette-insp

I’m back at uni so I will try to make it as fast as possible. I will probably make it somewhere Wednesday. x